I recommend it because it’s a place where you don’t waste your time and money!
My problem was that my face was asymmetric. I'm having a happy day these days.It's because I found a specialized Gyeongnak massage shop that solved my problems.It's a place that solved my long-standing complex through systematic management, so I'd like to introduce it to you!​ ​Usually, when you go to 강남피쉬안마 Gyeongnak shop, there are […]

My problem was that my face was asymmetric. I'm having a happy day these days.
It's because I found a specialized Gyeongnak massage shop that solved my problems.
It's a place that solved my long-standing complex through systematic management, so I'd like to introduce it to you!

Usually, when you go to 강남피쉬안마 Gyeongnak shop, there are many places where customers are put in a customized manual to manage them.
I heard that this is a one-on-one consultation place for individuals, so I came to visit.
In particular, the director himself conducts counseling, and he's a well-known expert in this line of work, so he explains it very easily.

This place has been operating for over 12 years and has been managing various customers.
I have multiple customer databases, so I have a similar database.
It's good to hear people's examples and tell us the solutions in detail.

After the consultation, I looked around the inside of the store, and first of all, there was a cosmetic display.
It was used directly on the face for maintenance, but they were all developed by the lab.
It was also great to try it on when you take care of it and if you like it, you can buy it separately!

Especially, the reason why Gainmi likes Samsung store is that she can take care of her skin while performing Gyeongnak Massage.
As the weather gets hotter, the mask makes the pores stretch a lot because of poor ventilation.
I heard it's possible to calm down your sensitive face and make it elastic.

And if you sign up for more than 10 times as an event, you will be given a pack worth 130,000 won.
This product was developed here, and I got it and used it for home care, and the quality was very good.

I've registered a total of 10 times, and I've received 8 cervical massage so far.
The left and right sides of the face are asymmetrical, so the outline of the face looks awkward, and it definitely feels different.
I took care of my basic line, and it took me 105 to 110 minutes to get it once.

It's hard to expect a dramatic change at once because we're not doing surgery.
After getting more than 4 treatment sessions, I could feel that my balance was getting better.
Whenever I take selfies, I don't like the way the outline of my face is distorted, so I didn't really take the front.
I take pictures with confidence these days. Haha

And with care that's done according to the skin condition, the condensation is smooth.
People around me say that I've become prettier, so I've gained a lot of self-esteem!

Especially these days, since I use a mask for a long time, my skin is not elastic enough, so I add an ampoule to take care of my skin.
It's not fat, but my skin is drooping and my face is getting smaller as the hidden face line comes alive!

As a whole, I've been thinking about not only facial asymmetry, which is a problem that I've been struggling with, but I've also been thinking about.
I was really satisfied because I could take care of my face contour and skin comprehensively.
Actually, surgery doesn't solve this problem all at once, but I feel like I've found the perfect life shop for me.

And the beds that are used for maintenance are disinfected every time and kept clean, so there is no defect in hygiene.
Towels always had a subtle scent, and pillow covers only use disposable ones.

Also, it is operated by membership system, so it is easy to adjust the schedule and the business is late.
It's a good place for an office worker like me to be free from time.

And I also liked how you slightly changed the management method to suit each person when you received the meridian massage.
In fact, when I had serious skin trouble, they changed the cosmetics type at all!
I was moved by the way he paid close attention to everything without taking care of everything.

After the treatment, there's a shower room for a refreshing wash, a powder room,
There was even a lounge where I could sit down and relax, so the amenities were perfect.~

We also have a responsibility system to take responsibility and manage if nothing changes after receiving a meridian massage.
Other places are told to pay for it, but this place is supposed to add more free times.
But I'm satisfied with the performance right now, so I'm going to extend it.

In addition to the meridian massage, there are various programs related to the face, so you can improve your beauty in many ways.
These days, my friend wants to be a small face because I seduced her and registered 20 times.

I was recognized for my skills, and many customers were satisfied, so I received various awards.
It's a brand that's famous enough to invite people from abroad.
Customized care has the disadvantage of being expensive, but there's no bubble here.
We're holding a discount event, so you can register up to 45% cheaper.
It is also an advantage that payment is not economically burdensome because interest-free installments are available.

If you want a consultation, you can make a reservation by phone in advance, and if you visit, you won't
We're thoroughly preventing corona, so you can use it in a safe state.
You've changed a lot in a shorter time than I thought, but people around you recognized you.
Unlike before, he's confident, and his sharp impression has softened.
I recommend it because it's a place where you don't waste time and money after receiving the Gyeongnak Massage!

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