You sure you feel that?
As you know, you know, the influenzaa beauty apgujeong point that is a lot of people going to meridian massageI've been going since last year! I couldn't get to work because I was busy in the middleAfter a few months of visiting again,I came to leave it as a post:) Handle of mitral muscles with […]

As you know, you know, the influenza
a beauty apgujeong point that is a lot of people going to meridian massage
I've been going since last year!

I couldn't get to work because I was busy in the middle
After a few months of visiting again,
I came to leave it as a post:)

Handle of mitral muscles with shoulder massage at Wibeauti Apgujeong branch Beautiful!
Good morning, Gaeun - I have to wear a swimsuit in early August, so I am working hard at the beauty apgujeong store to manage my hair.

I do computers for more than 10 hours a day
(Blog at work+home)
The turtle neck was so bad, and I realized
The neck-shoulder line is really pretty
I don't want to get headaches and I don't want to see more mitral muscles.

But you know what? How to get a face
I have to make a pretty neck and shoulder line!

For example, a person with a long neck like a girl's generation Yoona
They say that the face is small, but smaller.

Oh, my God!
I was at the Cheongdam-dong Celebrity Hair Make-up Shop last weekend
I'm getting a dime!

It wasn't exactly the day to shoot or go to the important spot
I wanted to get makeup with the hands of a professional.

It's a beautiful day
I just wanted to see something small in the face
I've been going to the beauty apgujeong store for three weeks
I got a meridian massage

The beauty apex
I'm the number one meridian massage I've ever received
I can tell you with confidence.
They are so kind and good!

Above all, I am more sensitive to this Koshi country
You're a good health officer

Both the gown and the bed sheet
it is made of the fiber of the natural flower garden material
I feel even more relieved:)

a gown for management
How beautifully prepared you are!

without the place getting all over the place
I was feeling better because it was well organized.

Oh, my God!
For your information, all the officials at the Wibeauty Apgujeong branch
You'll get it with your foot, not your hand.
See this and visit:)

  • Skin care is only available in beauty
  • skin care patent number C-2014-002775

(It was the day I went to get it the next day after the skin treatment.
Her forehead is very red.)

This day, I was only treated for mitral muscle
The shoulder was loose and the line came back!

I didn't have any photos taken while I was under management
I'm so sorry
If I have a chance, I'll take a picture of myself being managed next time!

And then I visited him once more a week later.

I asked the manager about how to get a little face
from the shoulder to the face jaw line, it can manage
You introduced me to the course

I think this is gonna make you a long neck
Even the face looks smaller!

before & after
Mitral muscle, small face meridian massage

See? Mitral muscle-- out of the way
His shoulders are narrow, his neck is short.


Look after you've been taken care of, guys.
The line from neck to shoulder is too smooth.
The jawline is also cleared
It's not hard to get a face, is it?

In fact, I've been receiving the mitral muscle a lot since last year
I knew the effect.
I've felt the effect of the face meridian massage this time!

Of course, it's not like you're gonna have to do
It's not a management you can feel, everyone!
At least three to six months, you should do it.
I think it's a meridian massage.


  • Care *
    In fact, at the Wiebeauty Apgujeong
    I'm not selling one-time control
    Let me introduce you only management packages that can be managed steadily!

I'm glad you can afford it,
You know, I'm gonna go to my blog and say, "I'm gonna take it once."
If you think about it, it's a big deal!


You might think it's a foot massage
As I showed you above, the hygiene of the shop is good
(He's much stronger than his hand, and he has Wibute's own technology.)

I've been visiting you many 마포마사지 times since last year
I've never felt so upset.
The supervisors are so kind

"There's a famous reason for being an influencer."
I wanted to. I mean, I'm sure
When I was on the big shot, I was visiting the beauty apgujeong

Celebrities don't have small faces for nothing!
There may be some natural things, but I have been so steadily
It's also very big to get meridian massages!!!
Start with the face-cutting meridian

Before - After

You sure you feel that?

The shoulder height, which was asymmetric,
And the shoulder line goes down more smoothly!
More than anything, your neck looks a little longer
The face is better than before
Is it a feeling that the jawline is smoothed out (?)

I wanted to show you more detail.
It's a mess after a meridian massage
I took a picture. I really have a real face.
I was ashamed and ugly, so I couldn't take off the mosaic.

I'm not sure I'm gonna get married
Important shooting, people who have pre-empted the event!!!
Take a chance and take it steadily

I feel like I can be pretty enough without molding

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