Where you drink tea after massage
I was the one who was in the club I have a friend of the same age who took care of me and kept me close I'm gonna go 출장안마 get a massage I went to get it together and I was chatting for a long time He healed I'll take my mom someday I […]

I was the one who was in the club

I have a friend of the same age who took care of me and kept me close

I'm gonna go 출장안마 get a massage

I went to get it together and I was chatting for a long time

He healed

I'll take my mom someday

I did it, so I could see

I've been looking at it carefully

When I entered the entrance, there was a large ceramic in the center of the hall

The lights are shining in front of it.

The more I saw it, the more cool it was

And everything is neatly organized

I liked it even more

When we went, we took a 70-minute course

You can choose between aromas

I was able to apply for a couple experience massage

Not everyone was all, and at 9 pm on weekdays

Previously, a couple or two people came together to new

If you sign up, it will be cheaper than the original price

You can get it!

What was safe here was that we could disinfect the room every week

and a contactless thermometer for hygiene

I brought hand disinfectant, and the roots were disinfectant

Because it can be released and the personal protection is perfect

There were combs under the blue light

I'm gonna need to know

I was getting rid of it

And there were skincare, and my skin

I'm sensitive, but I know everything

I was relieved to be filled with brands

It's a storage box, but it's very luxurious

It's a dark gray with a matte, and the design

Of course, I liked the color

And if you open the locker, it'll be hung

I could hang the clothes I wore

I have a rod, but I do not have a hanger.

Compared to where you can't hang it and you have to put it down

I can say that we have everything ready

There's a towel box where you can reach up

You can see the pink towels that are well-knifeeded

I took one out, and I put it on my face and smelled it

I feel good and have a soft scent

I feel like I'm so excited

I passed before I got it

There's a towel, so there's a shower next to it

The shower booth is like this

The shower is prepared in two types

You can use the shower of the desired type

Body wash, shampoo and rinse

toothbrush freely as to disposable

I could use it

I changed clothes and then I went into the footbath

The footbath room is also finely decorated

I don't want to be flat, I use a cute pattern

I like to give you the pleasure of seeing

cushion and the thick cushion are at the same time in each chair

I could put it on and take a comfortable foot bath

I saw this on one side, and I saw that

the goodses which it uses when the foot bathing are collected

It was a place

Bath and scrub were together and next to it

There was a blanket of the ravens

When you sit, your feet are submerged, but your knees are in the air

so that it can be exposed and warmer

I think I put it in there

As soon as I entered the footbath, I was able to

I had it, but I could do it right away

I thought I had it ready for you

If you're soaking your feet, you'll scrub

Take my foot off slowly and then I'll be next to the footbath

The green powder that was there was heel and foot bottom

and then buried to the insteps of the scrub and hand floor

You rubbed it with friction

Rubbing is also a heavy movement that can stimulate

I don't feel like I'm getting it, but I'm feeling refreshed

I felt stronger about sweeping it

You can finish the scrub and wipe your feet

I felt like I was getting tired of everything

Then I got an aroma massage

After I started golf, I worked hard for a while

I practiced while learning, and when I was backswinging

To one side, arms and shoulders are raised higher

I'm feeling a little burdened and unsure

And when you do the last move, your back

I was a little bit poked and stiff, but I

I got refreshed after getting a massage from a Korean manager

We're the first to receive the Sangnam-dong Massage

Unwinding the body's body in a bundle with pressure

rather than using oil to soften

I chose the aroma, but it was a good thing

It wasn't even weak, and it was a little

I'm not sure if you're a good press

Gently release the area and then deepen

It was better to press and release it

I also like the aroma smell, so when I went to the mountain

I was comfortable, similar to being healed

Next, I got stretches

You know, getting a stretch following a massage

It was easy and it was so cool

It's so cool that I'm going to leave my body

even the muscles that seemed to be so bad

They all just went fine

After the massage, it's not the end

I was going somewhere else, and I saw the room

I'm going to see

This is a room that goes in alone, and it's very much

I was so cozy that I thought I'd sleep well

We had a nice room, but we had to massage ourselves

I can spend time concentrating on me if I get it

I thought it would be nice

And the group room where all four people go in

So, I'm not gonna be here to pick up my parents

Come to Sangnam-dong Massage once again with a couple

I thought it would be nice

The room is two sizes, so four people

It didn't look narrow even if it went in

I felt pleasant

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