Liverpool fans will be shocked
Liverpool had the best performance of the season.He is at the top of the league.We're gonna take the wife line from the attack team.Liverpool is leading aggressively.I showed you soccer.Coach Jürgen Klopp said,I'm trying to win again this season.I've rarely seen a Liverpool player being the same player.And once again, I will use another trophy.I […]

Liverpool had the best performance of the season.

He is at the top of the league.

We're gonna take the wife line from the attack team.

Liverpool is leading aggressively.

I showed you soccer.

Coach Jürgen Klopp said,

I'm trying to win again this season.

I've rarely seen a Liverpool player being the same player.

And once again, I will use another trophy.

I was aiming for it.

So, last summer, in the transfer market,

Tiago Alcantara and Giogu Jota.

When it comes to hiring, we'll have to make sure we're not good enough.

I'm filling nba중계 the league.

Liverpool, like they did last season,

With Gegen at the forefront.

I played forward compression attack soccer.

With the arrival of Giorgoszota, the attack...

It's increased. With Tiago's presence,

The formation of midfield attacks will be stronger.

I expected it, but...

After taking a break due to Corona19.

The league started right away.

Not only disease but also corona anemia.

And the more I do, the more I play soccer.

Liverpool players accumulated a lot of blood.

And the main players.

I ended the season due to a big injury.

The representative players.

Virgil van Dyke, Joel Matip, Gomes.

Liverpool's key centre-back players...

They were all seriously injured.

Liverpool's defense has weakened.

Starting with defense.

As you know, losing a ball game in the air is not done in the air.

We came out often.

By the way, director Klopp said there would be no vacancy.

We need Fabinho or Henderson at center back.

We are using it as the main.

It shocked the fans.

Of course, Fabinho and Henderson...

Thank you for your hard work as the center back. Ten thousand people.

His original position was as a midfielder.

Ball distribution and build-up in the midfield.

I tend to move forward with the players.

I think they are players.

But Klopp hired them and said,

I thought you were building up your defenses.

Their weaknesses began to emerge one after another.

Players with strong front edges have a lot of space in the back.

There's plenty of room, so the attackers...

It's easy to break into the back of the defense.

I made it easy, and I ended up losing a lot of points.

I've shown you some examples.

So the local media said this.

Criticizing Klopp's use of players,

He talked a lot.

Liverpool have recently stepped up their center back.

I did, but...with no EPL experience

We'll recruit players and put them in right away.

They were impossible players.

In the last Manchester City match,

In the accumulated circumstances, Alix...

The opponent must be in the cut position.

I'm not sure about the ball distribution, but I'll have to give it to you too.

He was speechless to deliver the ball directly.

He showed me my play.

Jamie Vardy's... against Leicester.

If you look at the reversal goal, it's Allison's mistake.

I'll leave the goal blank and move forward to clear it.

I didn't do it. I dropped my cheek.

I'm gonna give Vardy a chance.

Your score will be reduced.

This is Henderson's center back.

Arnold's lack of development.

That makes two of us.

Henderson will support midfield and defense.

Arnold's active overlap was possible.

However, Henderson will be a defender this season.

When I played the game, Arnold's cheering disappeared.

He couldn't be aggressive about overlapping.

I think.

Arnold's supporter,

It's urgent

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