spend precious time in a bar with a good atmosphere
If you and I eat something,I was wondering if there would be a rumor that I enjoyed the meal.I want to eat bossam!I finally made a plan for Jungga Nepocha!!!It's been a long 풀싸롱 time since we've been in one place.Well, it's a popular and well-known store.I knew that, but I didn't come all the […]

If you and I eat something,

I was wondering if there would be a rumor that I enjoyed the meal.

I want to eat bossam!

I finally made a plan for Jungga Nepocha!!!

It's been a long 풀싸롱 time since we've been in one place.

Well, it's a popular and well-known store.

I knew that, but I didn't come all the way here.

This is my first time visiting.

I'm sure you're here to drink like a pocha.

There were a lot of customers.

When you enter the store, you can feel the inside of the store.

Sometimes eating in this atmosphere...

I think it's unique and fun!

The stove was in the center, so it wasn't cold at all.

There's a cart bar inside the store.

There's a real plastic cart outside.

You can eat it in a plastic cart outside.

Even if you go inside the store, the atmosphere of the cart is like this.

It's good to eat inside because it stays the same.

I thought the plastic cart would be too cold if I ate it!

I see a variety of menus!

There are so many kinds.

I'm here to eat oyster bossam.

I ordered oyster bossam and even banquet noodles!

As soon as they put it on the gas stove, they shouted "Wow".

Seongji-guk! Please give me the basic soup.

I'm sorry for those of you who can't eat Sunji well.

I've never thought of it before.

It's very big and strong. You cut it into pieces and ate it.

I liked the soup because it was light. Huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

That's the price you're giving me so much veggies.

It's a very sweet song.

Honestly, I've been looking forward to seeing the photos,

It's more amazing in person.

Sheep are huge, more lifelike than I thought.

I was speechless when I saw Bossam.

What's the point of saying that?

I really enjoyed the food.

Oyster on lettuce wrap, radish salad, bossam.

Put the salted shrimp, the red pepper paste, whatever you want.

And finally, add some pepper and garlic.

Wrap it up in a big bowl and put it in your mouth.

She's got a lot of sheep. It's so much!

Two of us ate it, but I think three of us can come and eat it.

The direction was stronger than I thought.

I think I feel that way because I don't eat raw oysters often!

Anyway, all the menus were fresh and fresh.

Here's the banquet noodles we ordered together.

Because it was anchovy broth, it was deep and bitter.

They said it was delicious even if it was soggy while we were talking.

I really want to learn how to make broth.

Noodles are so delicious, too!

Anyway, I ate so well and ate a full meal.

It's a famous restaurant for a long time ago.

I was just wondering, you know, you're supposed to be famous.

Food visual and store atmosphere.

A moderate amount of alcohol and delicious food.

It's a fantastic combination.It was so nice to see you

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