Up to 23% cashback event in progress.
Hi, I read the news today.I can't go abroad, so I noticed the title "Let's buy luxury goods."I read it.I was surprised to see that there were 200 people waiting in line before the opening of the Luxury Hall.I thought people were really interested in luxury goods.​Actually, I've never bought a bag or clothes called […]

Hi, I read the news today.

I can't go abroad, so I noticed the title "Let's buy luxury goods."

I read it.

I was surprised to see that there were 200 people waiting in line before the opening of the Luxury Hall.

I thought people were really interested in luxury goods.

Actually, I've never bought a bag or clothes called luxury goods.

I didn't really feel the need to buy it.

Now that I'm older, I wish I had one.

But looking at the price range, it's ㅠㅠ It's a really big purchase.

I don't think I can afford it.

Is it really authentic? I wanted to do it.

To buy at a fraction of the price,

I use direct or purchasing agents.

The procedure was cumbersome and possibly fake, so I didn't like it.

And then I found a place called Catch Fashion.

Catch Fashion is a formal partnership 레플리카 with famous partners around the world.

I'm going to tell you about the luxury brand's

Search, price comparison, and cacheback services in one place

It's a premium shopping platform.

You don't have to go around dozens of sites to find the product you want.

Papecchi, MatchSpashion, Myterisa, etc.

The products of the world's leading luxury partners

It's a convenient place to look for by category and brand.
We'll catch the best deal by price comparison.

The lowest-priced place of purchase, including customs duties and shipping charges.

It's really convenient to shop because they find it all at once.

Shopping by direct purchase, for beginners like me,

It's a tough job.

In catch fashion, fastballs are like domestic shopping.

It's a one-stop shop from ordering to paying.

The reason why I can buy fast ball like a domestic shopping with catch fashion is

With one ID, we're going to sell products from partners around the world.

It's easy to shop.

100% Korean from order to payment and confirmation of order sheet

It's easy to use.

Calculated up to customs duties and shipping charges

You can easily compare the prices of products from all over the world.

In addition, it usually takes two weeks to a month for delivery to be made by direct purchase.

They say it will be delivered safely to the house within an average of two to five days.

And most importantly!!

Because it directly partners with luxury partners in Europe and the United States.

They only sell genuine products~!!!

So it's easier than the purchasing agency, without worrying about the fake products,

I'm sure you'll be able to get the price merits of a direct overseas job.

Let's find out more about how to buy from Catch Fashion.

How to purchase luxury goods at a low price through price comparison!

It wasn't difficult.

You can order as easily as you can at a domestic shopping mall.

First of all, the product tagged with the catch is

It's easy to buy directly with catch!

After putting the catchable items in a shopping bag,

Customs duty, check the shipping charges immediately,

We can order.

Catch purchase is only for products from SSENSE, 24S, Harvey Coles, LN-CC, and Myteresa partners.

You can order it.

24S discount code. If you're shopping at 24 Seb,


I've been going around a lot of different sites to find the lowest prices.

without having to waste time

Price comparisons for the same product, same size, faster

It saves time, saves the lowest price.

You can shop comfortably.

And in catch fashion,

For discount codes available per partner,

They provide unlimited information every month in real time.

24S discount code, Myteresa discount code, etc.

I can check it out real-time quickly.

I think it could be a big help for shopping.

The world's leading product data in one place

You can easily find them by category and brand.

Thanks to search capabilities, price comparison capabilities,

More than 2 million products, more than 380,000 products on sale,

More than 2,000 brands, more than 18 overseas direct-buying sites.

You can check it out in one place and go shopping.

I've never seen a shopping platform like this before.

Through the filter function, only 'Catch Purchase' products are collected.

I checked.

There is a function where I can set up a brand that I'm interested in and collect and watch it.

It's really convenient.

Gucci and Saint Laurent's products keep coming into my sight.

Compare the lowest price and choose the one you like.

I'm going to get a 24S discount code.
This is a January event in Catch Fashion.

Up to 23% cashback event in progress.

If you're a member of Hyundai Card, by January 31st,

If you buy the catch products (Match Spacing, Myteresa, 24S, Havini Coles, Yux, SSENSE)

There's cashback benefits.

without having to go to other direct-purchase sites

Through a catch purchase that you can pay directly from the catch fashion.

We'll check the real luxury goods at a lower price from the official tax to the delivery fee.

One-stop shopping for convenient home delivery!

Now, I'm going to have my first luxury bag as a cheaper, more authentic product.

I think I can buy it with confidence.

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