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Due to the ongoing Corona fallout,He's in trouble because his income has declined.There are more and more people.​The business was shut down one after another.The number of temporary leave is increasing rapidly.​We don't know when things will improve.to make up for my income during my leave of absence.I'm looking for two jobs and side jobs.​With […]

Due to the ongoing Corona fallout,

He's in trouble because his income has declined.

There are more and more people.

The business was shut down one after another.

The number of temporary leave is increasing rapidly.

We don't know when things will improve.

to make up for my income during my leave of absence.

I'm looking for two jobs and side jobs.

With the loss of a fixed income,

To generate additional income,

People who start side jobs,

It's an increasing trend.

Among them, there's something you can do if you have a computer.

With an easy and fast online sideline,

We've been seeing a growing number of participants in recent years.

There's a posting job.

Posting alba doesn't spend a lot of time.

We can get things going fast.

Depending on individual participation, even higher returns.

It's an online side job you can get.

You're not too involved in the place.

When you want to work, you need to do it.

Because they can proceed, they can't.

Many people are also working as two jobs.

Posting alba is a company-provided,

You'll be paid a certain amount 여우알바 of manuscript fee for the products and services,

It is an activity that delivers information to the blog.

Unlike traditional experience groups and press corps,

The subject was selected in advance from the company.

I'm being provided with a written manuscript.

I'm going to upload the manuscript I received on my blog.

I just need you to upload it.

It takes a lot of time and labor.

There is a big advantage of not doing it.

If you run a blog,

The posts that are uploaded consistently every day

There's a lot of help in increasing the quality.

I'm sure you know it's possible.

I need to write a post every day.

For the hassle and the exposure to the top,

I need to write a high-quality article.

It's what relieves the pressure.

It's what Jad does.

Jay-Ad has a wide range of clients,

With more than 500 bloggers,

It is a company that is continuing its activities at full speed.

The most important part of the blogger is...

It's the Quality Index.

To those who have been with us for a long time,

Don't let me down.

by developing technology to prevent low quality,

This is reflected in the work process.

Most of the companies are looking to make short-term profits.

There are many manuscripts that are indiscriminately provided.

You're given these manuscripts to your account.

The uploaders are affected by the quality.

You see the index falling.

With companies that move with short-term goals,

If you're going to work on it, you're going to have to have a fixed

Some of you may be satisfied with your income,

A blog that I've been managing for a long time, and I've been working

It could be a shortcut to low quality.

Once you've fallen into the abyss,

It's hard to recover.

You have to be careful when choosing a company.

One piece of content provided by the company

in the long-term activity section of the blog,

It has a lot of influence.

A rise in the index means that high-quality posts are not going to work.

in the same sense that it was written.

It's an influential source of energy source.

It can be a blog.

Jad said the blog's operational means

Whether it's for hobby or for commercial use,

By presenting diversity and broadening the exposure,

We are investing a lot of effort in increasing the inflow.

Choose the keywords according to the trend.

Identify the optimization logic by keyword

We are providing you with the completed manuscript.

Most businesses have a history of writing technology.

I don't think too much about the part.

Long-term losses for short-term returns.

If the companies that pay for it end up making a profit,

There are many bloggers who are thrown away irresponsibly.

But Jay-Ad has been trying to make a long-term profit.

In line with the short-term trend.

It's moving fast.

Based on the selected topics, the appropriate level is:

We set the manuscript fee, and we set the best value for each keyword.

Identify logic and write.

New articles and photos are published every day.

Unlike posts that are uploaded as replicated,

It is not recognized as an antagonizing advertisement.

It's more than that because each person is assigned to be in charge.

I'm helping you with the work carefully.

Quick feedback to final upload

Upload at once without modification or supplementation

I'm helping you.

Posting alba is based on a wide range of experiences.

You have to choose a good place.

We've been working together for a long time.

Our clients and bloggers are continuing to make a profit.

We're creating it, and for the long-term upswing,

You are setting a higher target.

Because of the ongoing Korona crisis,

Everyone's having a hard time.

J-ADD is a constantly high-quality,

By publishing content, you'll be able to meet many customers

We will bring good results to bloggers.

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