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When you want to expose your business to Naver,You can sign up for free.There are several services within Naver.Integrated search, map, place information, exposed to1. Entering Naver Smart Place​2. A company already registered on NaverBe sure to check if it exists.3. If you don't have a registered company,We can move on to the next […]

When you want to expose your business to Naver,

You can sign up for free.

There are several services within Naver.

Integrated search, map, place information, etc.

be exposed to

1. Entering Naver Smart Place

2. A company already registered on Naver

Be sure to check if it exists.

3. If you don't have a registered company,

We can move on to the next step.

If there's a company that'sir.

Through the "Application for Administrator's Authority" process,

After proving that you are the actual owner of the company,

Business information can be registered.

(Check location / View map

Confirm specific location.

The location on the map.

You can specify it by dragging the icon)

If there's a company already registered,

- If you want to register,

"Administrator rights" replaced

We can modify and manage the information.

- Other vendors with the same phone number.

You can "request deletion."

4. "Shortcut to Business Information Registration"

"New Registration"

"Get started right now."

If you click one of these three,

You can go to the new registration page.

5. (Company Name, Industry, Keywords,

Like usage time, price, and address)

For business information registration

Fill in the required information.

(Used time)

By day of the week / weekend /

The usage time can be adjusted differently.

If you do not want to enter the service hours,

"Time to use cannot be entered"


If you want to check the guide,

Click on the question mark and proceed.

(Pricing Information)

Price information is up to 50

Because it's additional.

including representative menus

Enter the details of the menu.

If the price is not fixed,

Check the "floating price"

Click on the Suggestions menu

The menu can also be emphasized.

If you click on the box that corresponds to the average price per person,

You'll be exposed when you search.

(representative keyword)

When the information is exposed, the user searches it.

Set up a representative keyword to inform businesses.

Generally menu name or service name,

Enter product name, etc.

Through e-mail and cell phone numbers,

Confirm receipt agreement for promotional notification
6. You want to make additional announcements to your customers

Enter details if content is available

(Smart call enabled)

Only for businesses provided by 구글 상위노출 google

It's a free number.

with a unique number starting with 050.

Customer to Company Number

It's a connecting service.

Through Smart Call

Customer's sending media information, reception, and

Call time, call tone,

functions such as call information and customer management are provided.

( Website / SNS)

You want to be exposed when you search.

Set up the website and SNS.

If you link your blog together,

From the My Places screen

I can bring up the latest blog posts and show them.

(Provided service) Duplicate selection is available

(Price table photo)

The price plate photo is on the menu.

It's supposed to be a price.

You can register up to 10 pages.

(Company photo)

The company's photo shows the company's signboards,

Photographs of a panoramic view, food, products, etc.

Exposed when you search

It's a representative photograph of a business.

(Registration application completed)

Naver Smart Places

It was also released as an "app."

Mobile Naver and

From Google Play to "Smart Place"

be available

Business registration and reservation/order progress

I'm sending it to you by push alarm.

We've got new news to tell us.

What I want to say to my customers.

I can communicate comfortably like SNS.

7. After a subsequent inspection,

Business information is exposed to various services on Naver.

How to Use

(How to Use Call Reports)

Mobile and PC

There is a variety of exposure to services.

The specific information you've entered

Company name, phone number, hours of use,

Service, address, price information, etc.

You can check it as if it's a homepage.

And I'm going to manage my smart place.

You can check the promotional effects directly.

Like the process above,

If we track the call tracking number,

"Call Report" will be provided.

a currency report

Through Naver, the company has been working on it.

How much exposure do you have in a day?

I got a phone call.

How many of those calls have been successful?

Various information is available.

(Exposure Management)

Naver Smart Places

Like maps, integrated searches, navigation.

It is exposed to various search results.

Also during administration

Continuous information updates,

It is much better to enter the details.

For example

If you search for a famous Hongjae restaurant,

Various restaurant types are exposed.

When you click on the appropriate business.

From the Details

I'm sure you'll be able to get to the smart place

I can see what you've typed.

In addition to integrated search, on a map

Even if you search for a business,

When you click on the appropriate business.

Type in Smart Place

I can see the details.

Naver is a place where a lot of people.

be accessible to information

So when it's inaccurate,

There can be distrust in businesses.

Continuous information, up-to-date updates

Let's promote our business to users.

Top 3 exposure formulas

If you're running a blog,

The more you write about the topic,

If it's the quality that visitors want,

You will feel more exposed to the higher levels.

Even at Naver Smart Place.

Likewise, relevance is important.

Related consumer

When searching for local restaurants or local industries,

What kind of store is involved?

It means an algorithm that Naver judges.

It's been shown on Naver's Smart Place.

How did you register?

So the result is different.

1. Name of business

2. Business category

3. Keyword Representative

Let's focus on these three things.

(Commercial name)

If you've searched for Suwon Domino's Pizza,

The first ranking is Suwon, Domino, and Pizza in the name of each other.

The top exposure is in the order in which it.

(Industry Category)

And it's not Suwon.

Yongin Suji Domino Pizza Street

Exposure is subsequently exposed.

(representative keyword)

And the top is Suwon, Domino, and Pizza.

It's not in these keywords.

"Suzy Chicken Plus"

These other companies are on the search list.

That's why it's invisible.

Top Exposure Method

1. Smart Place Required Information

To satisfy search users with detailed information

Complete them in detail, in detail.

2. Photographs are attractive.

The image you want to click on.

I use it as an image of Naver Place.

3. 4 to 5 representative keywords

Enter all

Increase search terms and year-round.

4. The theme setting is based on the store concept

I'll set two to three.

Detailed Signature box (see picture below)

Write down key keywords.
5. Another service channel on Naver,

Naver Booking / Naver Talk / Smart Order

Interworking with Modoo / N Pay

6. Communicate in response to customer reviews

(As the company's managers reply,

Manage the store with affection.

Customers have confidence if they feel there is)

7. High-quality blog reviews and

Pay attention to visitor reviews.

(Looking for a better grade than a number.)

It's customer sentiment.)

If you're having a hard time, you'll see the video.

Let's do it.

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