I was getting a massage, and I fell asleep because I loved it
My friend's house isIt's a comfortable place, often.Maybe it's because I went out to play.This is the Gangnam business trip massage.It's a good idea to make a entrance.It made me think.​And he's such a stay-at-home mom.You don't want to go anywhere.on one's sideBecause I think I'm coming and going from the shop.Maybe I'm the home […]

My friend's house is

It's a comfortable place, often.

Maybe it's because I went out to play.

This is the Gangnam business trip massage.

It's a good idea to make a entrance.

It made me think.

And he's such a stay-at-home mom.

You don't want to go anywhere.

on one's side

Because I think I'm coming and going from the shop.

Maybe I'm the home care guy.

It's a good idea to get a massage.

It made me think.

Plus, my friend and I...

The course you want is different.

It's a different kind of preference.

I was surprised that I could receive it.

I thought it was all the same way.

But the friend wants the course he wants.

I'm going to choose the style that I want.

We're going to have different courses in the same space.

I got to use it.

And I'm sure the janitors will be able to fit in with that course.

It was so cool of you to take care of me.

I feel so tired.

Furthermore, getting a business trip massage

so far

I don't have a throbbing pain all over my body.

It wasn't there.

Now that I've received it, why would a friend do it?

You have to take care of your health.

I could tell if you were doing it.

This is how simple my body is.

I can't believe I can manage ㅠㅠ

I should have listened to you earlier.

The subtleties of the managers

It was very different.

He's been so meticulous.

I'm nervous, and I'm nervous.

sinking and 부산건마 drooping

It made me feel like that's how I felt.

That's how much this place is.

It's also known to many people.

If you're a mania, if you don't know,

I don't think there's a lot of regular customers out there.

I said there are a lot.

That's why my friend...

That's why I know:)

And one more thing!

Because this place is for women only.

Only women can use it.

Of course, women-only.

If you feel unfamiliar,

as you may be

You're using it like this.

There are a lot of people.

You can use it through a reservation.

About 30 minutes after the reservation, the supervisor said,

Exactly! They arrived home.

You have such a systematic program.

It's easy for first-time users.

You can make a reservation.

And the fact that it's for women 24 hours a day.m.

I think it's a fact that can't be ignored.

And home care is available at home:)

Thanks to a friend

I've been using this service.

I think it's a good thing I started.

I even complimented my friend a lot.

Women need to take good care of themselves.

I think I can maintain a pretty body.
I don't want to work overtime at work.

As the work grows,

I've never taken a job home before.

It wasn't a day or two.

Because it's been going on and on.

The time sitting on the computer

Except for bedtime.

You know, it's almost all day..


When I first joined the company,

He said he was passionate.

Now, this repetitive routine...

It's too hard.

I'm tired, Mesa.

It's getting annoying.

When I get a massage,

I thought it would be great.

I came to consider it carefully.

The reason is

As long as it used to be, it was just...

I just went around. Hahaha

I had to get rid of my fatigue somehow

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