I got a swadish massage once마사지
These days, I feel the healing of my life.There is one element​It's a massage.​I usually get a massage? I don't get that.Of course, when I'm sick from a lump, I just squirm and let it go.Or they leave it untied.​Now that I'm getting older, I can't leave it alone because it hurts.​So I ended up […]

These days, I feel the healing of my life.

There is one element

It's a massage.

I usually get a massage? I don't get that.

Of course, when I'm sick from a lump, I just squirm and let it go.

Or they leave it untied.

Now that I'm getting older, I can't leave it alone because it hurts.

So I ended up getting a massage.

The first massage is more than I thought.

It's killing me.

After that, the image of the massage 마사지 deteriorated dramatically.

I haven't been there for a while.

A few days ago, a friend of mine recommended this place.

That's the hot spring massage.

The Aroma!

My friend used to go to massage a lot.

This is a real massage that he's been receiving for a while.

You said it was a different dimension. You should try it.

like a scab in my ear

Aren't you talking?

I'm afraid I'll get more nagged if I don't go.

I thought I'd go and warm up.


Oh, first of all, the inside is clean and luxurious.

I almost never felt like a massage parlor.

the interior is very luxurious

Even I, a man, was impressed by the reality.

When I visited the store,

How did you get here when your staff came?

You asked me.

And the staff... real beauty

It was a total smash.

You usually fall in love at first sight? I've never done this before.

It's the first time I've ever been taken by a staff member of staff.

Really, wow, you're a beautiful woman without a word.

Anyway, I'm here to get a massage.

You've shown me where I can get a massage.

Before the massage,

The clothes you wear when you're getting a massage.

after changing clothes

I could go to the management room and get a massage!

This is the administration office.

The maintenance room is clean.

That's enough to get it on your own without disturbing anyone else!

And the staff who manages it.

Please make it as easy as possible for me to take care of myself!

Oh, and The Aroma,

Swedish massage is famous among massages.

Actually, I thought all the massages were from there to there.

Wow, as famous as it is, the massage that I've been receiving so far

It's a big difference, isn'

Frankly speaking, I'm telling you this from my personal point of view.

I can't tell you it doesn't hurt at all.

It's a massage.

It's a little bit of pressure to release the clump.

But it's not too much pressure.

When you get it, it warms you up. It's that kind of massage.

It's not a complete pain, it's not a complete pain is it?

Cool massage. It's itself.

I used to get together more than I thought.

I got a swadish massage in The Aroma.

Muscles become soft.

I'm going to tell my friend who recommended it to me.

I'll have to buy you a meal soon.

When I think of another one,

I'll have to visit you!

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