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Spezialmaschinenbau Sondermaschinenbau Deutschland Specialmachines made in Germany

Lippl Special Machines Engineering - Our Company:

It was founded in 1980
With our modern machinery equipment we can handle piece parts as well as complete series.

Lippl Machine Building - Our Fortes:

 We are a craftman's business and have been subcontractors for the plastics / pharmaceutical / food and glass industry as well as for renowned engineering companies for many years.

The standard of our team and machinery equipment is always in accordance with the latest state of technology which enables us to any requirement, no matter whether piece parts or completeseries are concerned.

 We are selling our patent for the egg cracking machine.
You will find the description under "products".
Should you be interested, we would ask you to
send us an e-mail with your offer.

Awards of our company

 Our machinery equipment includes the following:

4 BAZ Mazak 1000 x 560 x 480   1 automatic sawing machine up Ø 300 mm
1 BAZ Bridgeport 1000 x 500 x 350  1 TIG welding machine
2 milling machines Deckel FP 3  1 MIG welding machine
1 milling machine Deckel FP 4 MA  1 70-ton press
1 CAD work place  1 surface grinding machine 800 x 400 x 250 mm
1 Weiler lathe  1 drilling machine up to Ø 16 mm
1 Viktor lathe  2 drilling machines up to Ø 35 mm
1 CNC Mazak Quick Turn 15 with bar feed up to Ø 50 mm,
turning length 500 mm, turning dia. 220 mm
1 Mitutoyo co-ordinates measuring instrument type Euro-M544

Specialmachines - Mechanical Engineering - Specialmachinery

Factory: Lippl Special-machines
Robert-Bosch-Str. 4
Germany - 93426 Roding / Oberdorf
phone: 09461 - 45 65
fax.: 09461 - 17 39
e-mail: HLippl@t-online.de

Spezialmaschinenbau Sondermaschinenbau Deutschland

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Specialmachines made in Germany

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